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Excited about recent news

This has been an awesome month for me. Finishing third at 2013 Wake Park Worlds in Pro Men Features in Abu Dhabi is one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of so far in my wakeboarding career. Afterward, Liquid Force promoted me to its Global Team and LooseKid Industries (LKI) officially welcomed me to its team, too. In a couple of days I leave for the Philippines for my next international competition at Republ1c Wake Park. I can’t wait!

Chandler Powell and all LF podium

Few were happier to see an all-Super Trip podium for Liquid Force than LF founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon.

Chandler Powell Liquid Force global team

So stoked to be promoted to the Liquid Force global team this week.

Chandler Powell LKI welcome

Stoked again to see this from LKI on its website this week.

Grateful for Chance to See China

The Great Wall

I am very thankful for the opportunity recently to go to China for the opening of Shun Yi Olympic Cable Park in Beijing. This was my first time overseas and I had no idea what to expect. After 24 hours of straight traveling, I finally made it to Beijing where I was greeted by my Chinese hosts in the airport. We took a bus to the hotel and the jet lag hit me hard. Continue reading